Ok so here’s the story! My friend entered a twitter contest to win a $500 Dillards gift card because she’s too broke to buy a homecoming dress. The contest was most retweets wins. 2 days in she was winning with 200 retweets until her brother got on her phone and deleted the tweet! So she reported it, got back up to 250 retweets and now someone who saw her post asked one of my other good friends when it ends, then she said she might enter do you think she would be mad if I did. Well first of all let me just say that is rude to begin with when you see someone working their ass off you don’t just say well hey I might join I have more followers than her why not. And then my other friend replied “It would mean so much to my friend is she won” and then the other girl replied “Ya it’s my senior year so I think I’m gonna enter” and then she did and long sorry short that was really really rude of her especially if you’re from the south like me. So please retweet the tweet in my link to help my friend who has gone through so much for someone to be rude and join on in like that. It would mean so much if you reblog this too, please I know how much it means to my friend.

Taylor in New York 7/30/14

Posted 2 months ago.

New Diet Coke Commercial with Taylor!

RED WORLD TOUR » February 7th 2014 - Berlin, Germany 

Posted 7 months ago.

Red Tour - Berlin, Germany - February 7th 2014

Taylor in Glamour March 2014

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Candid - January 2014

Taylor looking absolutely flawless and of course wearing her Grammy necklace while shopping in LA today!